Nov 6th UK Issues

The UK issues are known, services are being restored and the root cause investigated.

The problem seems to be kernel related, a bug report will be made, due to the recent dirty cow vulnrability using an older kernel is simply not possible.

Oct 27th [COMPLETE]UK Stability emergency maintenance 28th Oct 2am BST

Due to a number of stability issues with the new hardware in the UK some extensive logging was done and sent to the hardware vendor, the issue has been identified and a patch has been sent, this will be applied between 2am and 3am BST, the physical servers need to be powered off for this to be applied and the work will take around 1 hour.All ... Read More »

Oct 20th VPS Admin / SolusVM offline

11:24 BST 20th October - The admin panel is offline while it is moved to another location, it should be back up within 1 hour

Oct 15th Emergency Maintenance UK OpenVZ 1 and UK KVM 1

As you will know there have been some stability issues since the migration, initially is was thought too be down to the special interfaces causing kernel panics which there are many bug reports for under almost identical circumstances.   These interfaces are no longer present and sadly the hardware is not yet fully stable with the latest crash ... Read More »

Sep 30th ServersNV acquired by Inception Hosting Limited - migration updates inside

------------- Email sent to all active users 29th Septmber 2016 - updates at the bottom of this announcement ----------   Effective immediately ServersNV will become a brand of Inception Hosting Ltd., it is my understanding that the legal entity/company ServerNV Ltd. will no longer be trading from this point forth. Payments already made for ... Read More »

Sep 2nd OVZ1 NODE Down - Resolved

OVZ1 is currently down and have been reported, this should be resolved soon.ServersNV TeamUpdate - After a lot of work it has been possible to get OVZ1 Node online.The array is running in a degraded state so all customers are urged to take backups of data.Update 03/09/2016 08:20The raid array has failed and some data corruption has occurred, we ... Read More »

Feb 14th KVM4. VPS migrations between 17th Feb and 19th Feb

Hello KVM4 customers, We are planning some data migrations between 17th Feb and 19th Feb, your current VPS will be affected by this, we are retiring your current node due to a hardware issues. You won't lose any data and your VPS will keep same IP address. Will this mean any down time?We have 2 options here: 1.- We can migrate your server ... Read More »

Jun 19th OpenVZ OS Template Update

Hi all,We've updated all of our OpenVZ OS Templates to the latest versions available from the following OS templates have been added: Ubuntu 14.10 64bit  Ubuntu 15.04 64bit Minimal Ubuntu 15.04. 64 bit Debian 8.0 64bit Minimal Please open a ticket with our Support department if you experience any issues with any of our ... Read More »

Jun 19th OpenVZ Node Security update. RESOLVED

We may have to reboot our OpenVZ host node shortly. This is due to a critical OpenVZ vulnerability.

Down time not expects to last more than 30 minutes.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

ServersNV Team


Our node has been successfully updated . 



KVM Node 1 is currently down, engineers are now looking in to the issue as soon as an ETA can be provided to bring everything back up this announcement will be updated.

Apologies for this inconvenience

ServersNV Team

Update 1: Connectivity issue resolved.

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